How Often Should You Schedule Commercial Disinfecting Services?

It's smart to disinfect your Tyler, TX area workplace weekly

Although each business has unique sanitation needs, a good rule of thumb is to disinfect high-touch surfaces at least once per week. Klen provides weekly sanitizing services for businesses in the Tyler, TX area to give small business owners and consumers peace of mind.

Once we've provided the commercial disinfecting services you need, we'll post our business sign in a strategic location to let everyone know your space has been disinfected by the best. Call 903-991-2100 now to get a free estimate and set up an initial appointment.

Avoid being short-staffed during cold and flu season

Wondering how to prevent an outbreak at your Tyler, TX area restaurant? Along with encouraging employees to wash their hands frequently, you should schedule weekly commercial disinfecting services to kill germs on high-touch surfaces.

We can apply safe commercial-grade disinfectant to your...

Salt and pepper shakers

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